“A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23” (ladies class)

Encounter the heart of the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, in Psalm 23. Together we’ll be encouraged to trust his love as he protects, guides, keeps, and provides for us—his sheep.

A study of W. Phillip Keller’s book.

Location: Downstairs, Conference Classroom

Leader: Sara C.

“A Praying Life”

Let’s face it, prayer is hard! Discover how the gospel leads to a living, vibrant life of prayer. Learn to pray like a child. Learn to trust your Heavenly Father in the midst of the delays, detours, and distractions of life.

A study of Paul Miller’s book.

Location: Upstairs, Gathering Place

Leader: Dwight B. and Josh O.

“The Great Eight”

Soak in one of the most astonishing chapters of the Bible—Romans 8. Beginning with the promise of ‘no condemnation’ it moves to a climax in its assurance that there will be ‘no separation’ for those who belong to Christ. Together we will joyfully strive to memorize the entire chapter.

Location: Upstairs, Foyer

Leader: Mark G.


Grades 5-8

Christian Foundations in Genesis”

Location: Double Door Classroom

Leader: Tim I.

Grades 9-12

Choose one of the three adult classes


Age-appropriate classes using the “Show Me Jesus” curriculum. Children will learn how the whole Bible is about God’s rescue plan through Jesus.


Brittany D. (pre.-K.)

Phyllis C. (1st-2nd)

Laurie J. (3rd-4th)


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