An Act of God – Eyjafjallajokull

Do you believe in “acts of God” – events so large and impactive that humans must simply bear under them, because they can do nothing to stop them? This has been a year of reminder – that all of the financial might of the nations of the world cannot stop the earth from shaking or clear the skies so that our air travel can resume.

Take a minute to look at the pictures posted at – they provide an important reminder of the weakness of mankind when compared to the majesty of creation.

At times like these we are wise to consider 1. Why these types of events occur? (See Romans 8:18-25) and 2. Is  God greater than these events? (Psa. 104:32; 147:15-18; Job 9:6).

To see a volcano blast away in fury is to be marveled at – because we should see in it a reminder that it’s shaking is but a drop of the great power and majesty of God. Its power is a faint echo of the fearful magnificence of the Most High.


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