Woman of Faith 2010 Conference

November 19-20


Ladies, you are invited to join us

for the women’s conference in November.

Due to the space availability, early registration is a must.


WHO – Ladies of all ages!!


COST – $89 for ticket (due on 6/13), plus transportation and meal costs

TIMING – The “official” conference starts at 7pm on Friday, Nov. 19th, however, included in the cost of your ticket is a

pre-conference show which starts at 10am on Friday. Therefore we will probably have two groups car-pooling down as follows:

Group #1 attending pre-conference – will either leave on Thursday night OR very early Friday morning. This can be decided once

we know who wants to attend the pre-conference.

Group #2 not attending pre-conference – will leave at approximately 2:30 or 3pm on Friday.

We should arrive home late Saturday night, as we will leave after the conference ends at 4pm.


~The money for the ticket must be due by 6/13 so we can reserve our tickets.

Check out the Woman of Faith website at

HOW – you can sign up by contacting Kristin at kristin.coldwell@gmail.com.




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