Update on Corey and Katie’s Vehicle


Corey and Katie Garrett are good friends of our faith family, and we recently had the opportunity to contribute toward an important need – a new, larger vehicle. Here’s what they wrote on thier prayer update blog (I hope you subscribe).

 We are happy to announce that we are done fundraising for the Prado! We thank all of you who have given so generously to allow us to make this purchase. We did have faith that the funds would come in, but it has been exciting to see it actually happen! We’re praising the Lord for His provision.

We actually haven’t made it all the way to our original goal of $6,000, but this month the U.S. dollar has risen almost 10% in relation to the Senegalese CFA, so since the funds are coming from the U.S. to Senegal, we should already have what we need for the vehicle!

Now the next hurdle is to get the vehicle into the mission’s name–the owner is in the UK and as you can imagine the sale of a vehicle is complicated by the seller not being physically present. Our teammates in Dakar are working on it and we would appreciate your prayers for that process.  Pray that we’d get the paperwork that we need from the owner and that the vehicle title transfer process would happen quickly. The vehicle will remain in Dakar until that process is complete.


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