Sex, Waiting and the Gospel

Michael Lawrence has some hope-giving words bout sex and waiting.  Here’s his conclusion:

Here we have finally come to the mystery of union, the core that defines every other union in the universe, including the union of sex. That’s right, you read that correctly. Sex is a foretaste, a hint of what it will mean for us to participate in the eternal union of love that exists at the very heart of the Trinity. The beauty of intimacy is that it is a taste of the glory of God.

Isn’t God good that he would make something so enjoyable at the same time so noble? Isn’t he good that he would make something so full of pleasure so good and pure. Isn’t he gracious that he would make us in such a way that delighting in our spouse leads us to find our ultimate delight in him?

What does this mean for you if you’re single? It means that the problem with sex outside of marriage isn’t finally that you’re breaking an arbitrary rule, or that it is emotionally destructive, or that it is more likely to expose you to an STD.

No, the problem is that sex outside of marriage is a fraud and a fake. It pretends to be true intimacy, but is nothing more than exposure. It uses the language of love and commitment, but knows nothing of either. And by suggesting that true pleasure and intimacy can be had without loving, covenantal commitment, it perpetrates a massive assault against the very character and glory of God, whose eternal, intimate, loving relationship within the Trinity is the blueprint and pattern for every intimate pleasure that you or I will ever know.

What if you gave up waiting? Some things can’t be undone in this life. But for those who repent of their sin and trust in the grace of God held out through cross of Jesus Christ, all things may be forgiven.

If you’re still waiting (or waiting again) for marriage to have sex, keep waiting. Because it’s not about waiting. It’s about displaying the glory of God and his gospel in your life.

Read the rest.


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