Exiles, A Poem

Below is poem written by Scott Burke as response to Sunday’s Sermon on 1 Peter 2:11-12 “God’s Exiles: Strangers in the World.”


Why is it that though Heaven is my home,
I often live as if this world is instead?
How is it that this world of sin, pain and death
would tempt me to call it my sanctuary?
What blindness causes me to miss the beauty and perfection of You
and settle for corruption?
When is it sane to see my body slowly dying,
yet fail to grasp the Everlasting One?

My mind’s eyes are so often dulled by sin and this world.
In this battle within myself,
a battle with all those things which diminish God’s perfection,
My own strength is not sufficient, my power, by itself pride,
is from the enemy.
It is another form of self,
living as if God was unnecessary for joy and completeness.

Our present world sees its own exile from Eden
and creates a false paradise instead.
Into this false “promised land”,
we throw ourselves, finding, we hope, a self-created home.
Purpose, Power, Pleasure, Possessions we seek here,
forgetting that none will fulfill us.
Only in God will we find our true home, Eden once again, only then.

But we, as Christians, are exiles in this world,
no longer exiled from God.
In Christ, we are returned to Eden once again,
already but not yet.
He provides us with a Purpose, to bring Him glory,
Power to live in a way which brings Him honor,
and the Pleasure of being His possession forever.

The Gospel reminds us who we really are and where we are going.
The Gospel is the power to live as exiles and to call others into exile with us.

By Scott Burke


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