Update on Bob Frederich

I know that so many of us have been touched by Bob Frederich’s ministry – some knowing and some unknowing. If you don’t know Bob, I pray that you might have the opportunity to meet him in this life. He has been a pastor to many in the US, as well as a pastor to pastors for many in our region.

Here’ the latest on his health:

I called a few minutes ago:

Great Night! Dad slept off of the ventilator from 9:30-1 AM and 2-6 AM with a couple of interruptions! They gave him the ambion, but moved around timing of another medication so that may have been a difference.

He is approximatly 24 hours off the ventilator. This morning he has had more mucus, and those listening to the chest say it is not clear. The “directional cathethers” which allow them to specifically aspirate both the left and the right lungs is connected with the ventilator–so he he is not getting this benefit. This may raise the issue of whether there would be a benefit to doing a bronchoscopy (he hasn’t had one in about 10 days). They have removed the speaking valve so that may also help. Another development is that the oxygen sensor (important!) keeps falling off his finger (due to finger movement–which is a good development). This has been managed by placing the sensor on his ear.

He has had no fever, his last white count (yesterday) was 8.4 (within normal range). His oxygenation has also been fine.

His last hemoglobin was 9.6 (an earlier one was lower) so the anemia is still there, but not changed very much. Same with his lower albumin (2.7) likely a marker of his nutrition. These things continue to be on the “back burner”

His GI issues made some progress yesterday.

Overall this is a HUGE milestone. We praise God for bringing him this far, and for your prayers which were effective! Please keep it up!

Love, Bob Jr.


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