From Haiti with Love

Hello from Haiti! It’s day three and we are praising God for giving us safe travel, good health, encouraged hearts. We saw the devastation of the earthquake right when the plane touched down. There are acres and acres of people living in tents–tent cities. And they say only 2% of the rubble has been removed!

Pastor Rigaud’s son, Rico, met us Monday at noon and brought us right to the orphanage. Our hearts were so gladdened and saddened to see the children. Saddened to see so many children waiting to be adopted. Gladdened that they are being cared for by those who love them through Christ.

We began our work project on Tuesday. Re-painting bedrooms and painting new construction too. Assisting the Haitian workers in laying tile; they laid the tile and we hauled the sand, cement and water up several flights! It’s been so encouragin to see the difference we’re making each day.

Each morning before breakfast our team meets for about half an hour of gathered worship–prayer, singing, Scripture and testimony. These time really help us serve with the strength that God supplies and to have the mind of Christ in our service.

This morning the team ministered to the children by making ‘gospel bracelets’. Each color tells a crucial part of the gospel message. The kids were so happy be with us and Geoff really helped clarify several points of the gospel that at first had got lost in translation! Thank God for his French!

You know the joke: “How do you make God laugh? you tell him your plans!” That’s quite true! One culture shock that has challenged us is the difference between the American and Haitian ideals of time, organization, safety, and relationships.In fact there have been many sovereign appointments in the many delays and detours that we’ve experienced.

Tonight our ladies are meeting at the church building to bless some of the women of the church and orphanage staff with some much needed clothing. They’ll also be sharing their testimony and sharing from God’s Word.

We still have much to accomplish but God is sustaining us. Thank you so much for sending us and supportin us financially and prayerfully. We cannot wait to tell you stories and show you pictures of the work of God that we are joining into here.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update you again until we get back, so for now, please pray…

  • For faith in God’s power to work powerfully in the despair of the country.
  • For spiritual strength to be Christlike, unselfish, patient, and perservering.
  • For physical strenth. It is still very hot all day and night. The heat and humidity is draining . Working and sleeping is difficult.
  • For wisdom for those considering serving on the mission field.
  • For continued team unity.
  • For the Dunphys who leave Haiti and Naomi tommorrow.
  • For the Murches and their time with Pierrelyne and Vania.
  • For the team and their families to praise and trust God while they’re apart.

Serving King Jesus,

Pastor Josh


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