Notes from Haiti

From an older email sent on 10/11/10.

Dear WBC,

What a week of ministry. There are few words to describe what we have witnessed and what God has done in our hearts. We accomplished our mission for the work project! But God had so much more ministry for us in loving the children and being loved by them. We saw and felt and tasted the poverty that has plagued Haiti for years and years. We saw Jesus in the love that Pastor Rigaud has for his people and the children.  Our team is exhausted physically and emotionally but strong in the strength of the Lord. They have been such a wonderful team–ministering to each other so compassionately and regularly. They represented our church and our Christ with joyful, humble service.

Today we fly out of Port Au Prince around 12pm. Most of us will not return home until after midnight.

  • Please pray for safety.
  • Please pray for the Murches as they leave Pierrelyn and Vania.
  • Please pray for the Dunphys as they have also said goodbye to Nahomi.
  • Pray they’d receive divine comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray God would continue to work in our hearts and we would listen to all he still has to teach us.
  • Pray for faith in God’s promises as the team experiences reverse-culture shock coming back home.

We can’t wait to tell your our stories!


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