Bible Bracketing Training

God has revealed himself in the Bible not through charts or pictures, but through wordssentences and paragraphs. That means if we’re serious about knowing God, then we also have to be serious about understanding his revealed words and how they all fit together. But how do we do that?

One of the most helpful tools is a discipline called Bible Bracketing. Some call it Bible Arcing or Discourse Analysis. What makes this tool unique is that it forces you to wrestle with the text in its context and map out the author’s argument.

On February 19, the Gospel Alliance New England will be hosting a Regional Training event on Bible Bracketing lead by Stephen Witmer, pastor of Pepperell Christian Fellowship. Stephen has taught Bible Bracketing at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as well as to other leaders. It’s a vital tool for his own ministry and hopes that it will be for you too! This training is open to WBC as well as area churches, ministry leaders and anyone who wants to study the Bible. Here are the details:

Until then, here are some great resources to whet your exegetical appetite:

Next week, Stephen will have a couple of posts helping us prepare for this great day of learning!


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