The Calling – Saint John

This past summer, the family and I passed through Saint John, NB on our way home from Prince Edward Island. My interest was piqued – I knew little to nothing of this small city, and my heart was moved to prayer. In fact, Tracy and I agreed that some day we would need to go back to that place.

In October, at our Lead ’10 conference, I met Buck Booker and a few others from Saint John. This crew of 5 had traveled five hours to attend, because they were longing for gospel-centered encouragement, and were delighted to find it so close to home.

At the end of the weekend, Buck asked if the Gospel Alliance would come to Saint John to present “The Calling”, our regional gospel-centered youth ministry conference. So by God’s grace and with our elder’s prayer and direction, I am headed to Saint John today with Bryan Page from Haverhill Alliance in Haverhill, Ma and Ramsey Tripp from East Auburn Baptist in Auburn, Me. While there we will share with a group of 20 church leaders on Friday night, then work with a group of about 70 people all day Saturday. On Sunday, I have the privilege of preaching at Hillcrest Baptist Church.

It is exciting to see God working in the northeast. And a bit overwhelming. Would you please pray for us?


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  1. Posted by Buck Booker on April 3, 2012 at 10:41 am

    And we are glad you did!


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