A Call to Fast and Pray – June 1st

Dear Windham Baptist Church,

These are exciting times! As we head into our annual meeting, it is a time to review what God has done and expectantly wait on what God is going to do.

In light of that, I would like to call for a day of fasting and prayer, church-wide, for this coming Wednesday, June 1st. Our goal is to go to our Great and Glorious God, asking for provision and for wisdom.

  • We will pray for our faith family: that we would have an ever-increasing passion for God’s mission, dedication to our spiritual growth, and willingness to disciple others.
  • We will pray for our leaders: for wisdom in this strategic time.
  • We will pray that God would bless us with people who are coming to know him, being baptized, and growing here.

As we have so often done, we will being our fast after dinner on Tuesday, and break the fast at dinner on Wednesday. We plan to provide two times to pray corporately – 6-7:00am on Wednesday morning or 6-7:00pm that evening to pray and break the fast together. We’ll meet at the church building. Even if you cannot make these times, we encourage you to make a time to pray with others.



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