Spurgeon Sabbatical 2011

Hello Church,

Please pray for me this week as I lead times of gathered worship for about 16 pastors who are attending the Spurgeon Sabbatical Learning Retreat for Pastors at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, MA. As most of you know, this is my fifth time leading the gathered worship aspects of the learning retreat. Over the years (and this year too!) your encouragement for me to serve in this way has had a global impact. The pastors I will be ministering to have come from all over the United States and the world…Canada, Australia, Africa and… even Millinocket!!

Each day will begin and end with a time worshipping God together in song, Scripture readings and prayer. These times are meant to bookend and reinforce our rigorous study and lively fellowship. This year’s topic is “Faith in Christ; In Christ by Faith” and will be lead by Dr. Scott Hafemann. We’ll be digging through the key texts throughout Redemptive History of Scripture to better grasp what it actually means to be “in Christ”.

My time at the Spurgeon Sabbatical is more like a short-term mission trip than simply attending or even leading a conference.  So, I humbly ask of you to…

  • Pray that God would encourage Heidi and my boys. I thank God for the folks who have already planned to spend time with them!
  • Pray that I would serve with the strength that God supplies.
  • Pray that the 16 pastors would be personally renewed in their confidence of God’s greatness, gloriousness, goodness and  graciousness.
  • Pray that these men would return with their eyes fixed firmly on the Lord Jesus Christ as their only hope and goal for their families and ministries.
  • Pray those last two things for me too!

Finally, though I won’t be back to Maine until Saturday, please know that I’m available in the afternoons this week through phone and email. I thank God for you, WBC!

Serving King Jesus,

Pastor Joshua


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