Book Review–The Missional Mom

Below is a book review by Kristin Coldwell.

Helen Lee’s book, The Missional Mom, really helped me to understand better how to live out our callings as Moms with the intentionality to also live out God’s calling for all of us (to bring the gospel to all people)….to live out God’s mission within our home, but also outside our homes.  She encourages us to teach this to our children, so by God’s grace, we can create missional families serving God together!

There is a lot of practical advice on how to start becoming more intentionally missional as a Mom, and great examples of women that have and are living it now.  These Missional Moms made their families a priority but also desired to make a difference in our world and acted on this desire by helping the poor, serving others, opening their homes to others, etc — all to bring the gospel to those God has place in their community.  This is a must read for all Moms wanting to serve God outside the home, while balancing her calling within the home!

A few of my favorite quotes are:

  • “In today’s culture, helping people embrace Christianity is less about convincing them and more about inviting them into your community and helping them see and find Christ in you.”
  • “And missional moms have to fine-tune their sensitivity to cultural forces because being missional is often about doing the very opposite of what the culture around us encourages us to do….If I do not take the time to understand cultural influences, then it will be far too easy for me to adopt practices and lifestyles at variance with God’s intentions and plans for me.”
  • “One way missional moms live counter-culturally is to resist focusing only on what is happening within the walls of her own house and instead to take notice of the needs outside her doorstep. Certainly missional moms give their families high priority, and certainly there are seasons of life, particularly when children are young, when it’s difficult for a mother to do much else but focus on her family.  Mothers are called to “watch….over the affairs of her household” (Proverbs 31:27) and to be a nurturing, supportive presence for family members.  But managing one’s household is not the same as retreating from God’s mission for Christ-followers to care for the world.  God has strong words for His people when they spend too much effort building their own households at the expense of His house.”

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