Pray for this Sabbatical Season

As Tracy, Kaitlyn, Mark Jr. and I head into this sabbatical season (July 18th – Oct. 18th) some of you have asked for some specific prayer requests. Here are the key requests:

  • First and foremost, beyond anything else, I am asking you to pray that our souls would find Jesus to be beautiful. I believe that the deepest and most enduring happiness is to be found in God. There’s a name for people who call others to praise God but find no joy in him – we call them hypocrites.
  • I long to connect with Tracy and the kids in a unique way.
  • Please pray that I would learn much from my studies on disciplemaking.

My heart always goes out to this faith family, so I ask you to pray for:

  • The Council of Elders, that they would remain gospel-centered, Spirit-filled, Bible-saturated, untiring, persevering and prayer-soaked.
  • The members of Windham Baptist, that they would live Ephesians 4 (Community 101) lives for the good of others and the glory of God.
  • The preaching of the Word, that God would water the hearts of those who hear the word, and that the seeds sown in weakness might be raised in power.
  • Our Missional Communities, that they would help our people grow as disciples who are figuring out how to glorify God in everything, and helping others learn how to do the same.
  • The expansion of our mission, that many would come to love and trust Jesus in the next six months.
  • That we would be enabled to trust God as our Provider, Sustainer, and Senior Pastor of this church.

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