God Notices Even When Others Don’t

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do. —Hebrews 6:10

That is one of the most ridiculously awesome promises in all the universe–God REMEMBERS all the little (and big) things we do out of love for his name as we serve one another. We might be tempted to think that others don’t care or notice. They might, they might not. But God always notices!

The author of Hebrews wanted his church family to be confident that their trust in God’s promises and radical obedience wasn’t a waste. So he reminded them how their supreme love for God had overflowed in sacrificial service to each other (Hebrews 10:32-36)…

  • They faced public ridicule and persecution, verbal and physical abuse. They felt the pain of others.
  • They stuck by those who ended up in prison, knowing that could possibly land them there too.
  • They didn’t freak out when their property was confiscated by their enemies. They knew their real treasure was with God, was God.
  • They joyfully loved God and joyfully served each other in the nitty, gritty details of life as they followed Jesus together.

Can you imagine being a part of that church family?! In way we are! We are their brothers and sisters in God’s Family because of Jesus. And as God’s children, all of us are also Servants. It’s in our Gospel DNA. We are Servants of God who serve others as a way of life. We serve because God serves!

WBC, let me encourage you to be confident that your trust in God’s promises and your radical obedience in serving one another is not a waste! God notices. God cares. God will reward. Let me remind you and praise God for how his love for you is overflowing in your love for another!

  • You joyfully open your homes to others and even families, blessing them so they can pay off debt and save for their own home.
  • You take in children for a week from the city—not merely to give them a taste of Maine but of Jesus and his glorious gospel.
  • You prepare meals for those who have been sick or injured or have given birth or just because! (Nothing says “We love you with God’s love” like a pan of lasagna!)
  • You faithfully bake and provide and prepare the snacks and coffee for our time of fellowship after gathered worship.
  • You gather a gang of weekend warriors to help folks fix up their houses or build a deck or paint a room. Helping where you’re strong and others are clueless.
  • You throw parties to celebrate God’s good gifts and grace, of friendship and family.
  • You generously babysit for families so couples can go out on a date and remember that godly children need godly parents!
  • You willingly endure the cries and shrieks of infants and toddlers, demonstrating the love of Jesus to them and their parents. You show the heart of Jesus as you love our children and play with them and teach them in Nursery.
  • You remind our older children that the whole Bible is really all about Jesus and you show them the joy of the gospel in Children’s Church and Boulevards and Sunday School.
  • You come alongside of parents and continue to challenge and equip teens to follow Jesus and to trust God’s Word.
  • You make time to meet with two or three to disciple each other through the Word of God and prayer. You learn to fight sin and trust the Savior. Together.
  • You drop what you’re doing to help others in your Missional Community, identifying with their pain and struggles and strategizing together how the gospel is your hope and power.
  • You lead music with undistracting excellence to remind the church that gathered worship is all about gospel encouragement. God is glorified and God’s people are encouraged.
  • You harness the unruliness of technology and provide the appropriate sights and sounds in gathered worship.
  • You greet all who come to worship God together not just with bulletins but with the smile and words and love and hugs of Jesus..aka Christ-ian hospitality.
  • You clean bathrooms, wash dishes, vacuum floors, mow lawns, shovel snow, plow driveways and parking lots, count offerings, manage and distribute and audit our church budget, support and write and pray for our missionaries, prepare and print bulletins and powerpoint….All because you are mesmerized by God’s love for you in Jesus. And you show your love for God by your loving ministry to other Christians.
  • You love the Lord and serve the saints. And you don’t care if anyone notices because you KNOW God does!!!

I praise God for all these evidences of his grace that overflow all throughout our WBC family! What else do you see? What did I miss?

Oh…one more thing, WBC. You have shown great zeal in loving one another in the past and you are showing a great zeal now. But don’t coast, don’t get lazy, don’t grow weary! Your love for others is sustained by resting in and working out of God’s love for you!  Feed your soul on his goodness and greatness and glory and grace that is yours through Jesus. Feed your soul on his magnificent promises.


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