Sabbatical Update

One of the goals of this sabbatical season is to keep the channels of communication open, so here is an update on where we’ve been and what has been happening.

On the advice of a few key mentors, rest was the first order of business. So for the first week we were blessed by friends to use their camp as a family. What perfect timing – that week was so warm, and the lake was so cool. We were blessed to visit Fayette Baptist Church, where Josh Otte grew in his ministry experience and where Russ Cotnoir is one of the pastors.

The next two weeks were our planned trip to the Chicago region. Our main goal for this trip was to invest time with Dave and Rennie Garda of Cadre Ministries – mentors who love Jesus and have an amazing grip on discipleship. The bonus was to invest time with some great friends all along the route, friends who work full time and are active in the ministries of their local churches. It was helpful to hear about the challenges of living lives of everyday worship on Jesus’ mission in everyday jobs. We were also able to talk about the challenges of discipling our families.

Dave and Rennie provided some key insights into areas that we can grow in our discipleship rhythms as a church. The Biblical call is to make disciples who know how to glorify God in all things, who make disciples who know how to glorify God in all things, who make disciples…. Our time together has provided a rich amount of resources to fuel my learning: Dave and Rennie wrote a training tool called Disciplemaking is Relationships, as well as a sabbatical tool Getaway Like Jesus: Pace like Jesus. Pray Like Jesus. and they recommended a book entitled Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus. These come alongside of the direction we’ve been heading, but expand our ability to communicate more clearly how each of us can live Jesus’ disciplemaking mandate.

Our heavy season of travel came to an end on August 9th, and since returning home we have been restoring the rhythms of our lives. As part of the Advent Conspiracy, we gave the gift of presence to our nephew, Travis, and our niece, Sarah. We have tried to intentionally invest in their lives, coming alongside of their parents and church in helping them walk as disciples as they navigate the teen years. I have been setting aside regular time to study discipleship and to nurture my soul. This will really step us as the kids go back to their school rhythm next week. It has been such a joy to be back, worshipping with our faith family at Windham Baptist for the past two Sundays, as well as to enjoy sharing our time together. We love you all.

Thank you for praying for us, for those of you who have given generous gifts to help us make this study possible, and for those who have shared the houses and camps that Jesus has entrusted to you.


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