Gathered Worship in a Hurricane

Hello WBC!
With Hurricane Irene barreling her way up toward New England, I want to tell you how this might impact Gathered Worship tomorrow.

Plans are still that we WILL have Gathered Worship at 9AM. Most forecasts are showing the intense rain and wind to affect us Sunday AFTERNOON. However, if all the weatherpeople get it wrong and it’s dangerous outside, then we would cancel. If that were the case we would send an church-wide email by 7:30AM as well as post the cancellation here and and our Facebook page.

Finally, here’s a few more things to keep in mind…

  • has a good summary on how to prepare for the storm, here.
  • Don’t forget your neighbors. In the preparation for you and your family, be on the look out to bless your neighbors and check in on them too.
  • May the power of the wind and waves remind you that they are nothing compared to the power of their Creator, our Lord King Jesus. Even the wind and the waves hear and obey his voice (Mark 4:35-41).



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