6 Steps to Encouragement Class

Did you know that every Christian and everyone of us at WBC has a huge ministry opportunity? We are all called and empowered by God to speak God’s Word into each other’s lives (Ephesians 4:16.  God’s Word changes us, and through us it can change others too!  What an enormous ministry and privilege!! How are we doing at that? How well equipped do we feel we are?

That’s the big idea of our 6 STEPS TO ENCOURAGEMENT class starting this Sunday. The goal of this course is to continue to encourage & equip WBC to be a church of disciples who make disciples. And since discipleship is a life-long “class” in learning to follow Jesus, this class is for all of us. Here’s what I’m praying God will do through this class (would you pray too?!)…

  • We’d have the largest attendance in adult SS that we’ve seen in years.
  • We’d have a God-given passion to be disciples who make disciples.
  • We’d be confident that God’s Word changes us and through us it can change others.
  • We’d each begin to regularly meet with one or two others to disciple each other by prayerfully bringing the Word of God to each other, encouraging each other to apply the gospel to each other’s lives!

I pray that you will take time to be encouraged and equipped further as a disciple who makes disciples. It’s in our Gospel DNA…we are LEARNERS who take responsibility for our own discipleship and the discipleship of others. I encourage and challenge you to set aside the next 8 weeks from 11am-12pm on Sunday to do just  that.


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