Meet Little Katie

This is a super encouraging update from Corey and Katie’s prayer log! Be sure to check out their prayer log regularly or subscribe to the RSS feed to hear all that God is doing in and through them in Senegal!

This week we received one of the greatest honors of our eleven years in Senegal. Our host family in our main ministry village had a baby last week; on Thursday they named the baby after Katie. This is an incredibly humbling experience for us, especially for Katie.  We are overwhelmed with emotion and know that this child and her family will always hold a special place in our hearts and prayers.  Many people came to say ‘hello’ to the new baby at the ngente, the traditional Wolof baby-naming ceremony.

Click here to see more pics of the ngente.


We are leaving for Kids’ Camp tomorrow!  We and two other families will go to ready the camp and take care of final preparations. Then the campers and the rest of the leaders will come for Tuesday lunch and be there until Friday morning. This year the local Kaffrine youth are taking leadership roles as never before, and are for the most part in charge of managing the whole camp. We will be along for the ride but leaving most things to them! It is so exciting to see these young people with whom we have worked since they were little step up into leadership.

The sad thing is that we had invited about ten of our village friends and family to the camp, but this morning they all backed out. This has been very disappointing for us. It seems that people like us, but they do not like Jesus.

Pray for:

  • the transportation for all from Kaffrine and Dakar to the campsite;
  • for parents to allow their kids to go;
  • for our young leaders who will be in charge this year of virtually the whole camp.

Sheep micro-loan project

09-sep-1 Our sheep micro-loan project got off to an inauspicious start last year, with 7 of the 11 original ewes dying in the first few months when a sheep epidemic swept through our village’s livestock population. We now have turned things around a little bit, with three of the remaining four ewes now having given birth. Here is a picture of me with our host and one of the new ewes. This ewe will go to another family in the village to raise and her lambs will be passed onto another family, etc.



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