Advice for Tim Tebow

Myself, I’m not a devoted sports guy. But we all know some – the guys who know the names of the other team’s players, the latest scores, and drive around listening to sports radio. But even if you are not a sports person, you’ve probably heard of Tim Tebow.

Why? Not just because he is an exceptional athlete, but because he wears his faith in Jesus Christ on his sleeve. In many people’s opinion, even other Christian athletes, he is too outspoken about his faith. But is that true?

Jared Wilson has written a great post on this topic, and don’t worry, you don’t have to like sports at all to benefit from this short piece. This post raises questions like:

  • Should Christians lay off the chatter about Jesus and focus on living exemplary, encouraging lives?
  • Will that somehow make Jesus more attractive?
  • Is the gospel itself offensive?

Jared’s advice to Tim Tebow is good advice for all of us.

 The truth is that the gospel is a scandal. I wish brothers like Kurt Warner would factor that into their consideration. That people are blanching at Tebow’s Christ-centered words is not because Tebow is offensive but because Christ is.

The truth is that faith comes by hearing, not by deducing through comfortable apprehension of good deeds. An implied gospel is a gospel fail.

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