Our Rope, The Gospel

The other day I was trying to explain how we all need to deepen our dependence on the Gospel.  During that conversation, God reminded me of my rock climbing days in college.  I recalled as I learned to climb with a rope as protection, I never really wanted to depend upon the rope.  I climbed as if I had no rope in order to be that much safer, never reaching that little bit farther in case I were to fall.  I knew that if I fell, then I would have to depend on the rope and I just didn’t trust it.  We had an exercise where we did let go to see that the rope would hold us but I still never felt comfortable with this dependence.

I think living the Christian life without truly believing the Gospel is something like that.  We go through the motions of going to church, praying and even sharing our faith but we do it carefully, within our comfort zone.  We depend upon our abilities, our strengths, hoping to maintain our reputations and comfort.  This is like climbing the cliff without trusting the rope.  We forget that the Gospel is right there and capable of protecting us when we fall.  By truly living with trust in God’s Gospel we are free to take risks, to go after that hand hold that is just that little bit beyond our comfort zone.  We can do things for Jesus beyond our strength, we can trust our reputations to God, and we can confess our sins and our weaknesses to each other without fear of rejection.  Ultimately we are free to live the lives God is calling us to, in complete dependence upon Him.

The Gospel is the rope, the strong cord, which will sustain us through life’s difficulties.  By trusting in the Gospel we can live dangerously, beyond the safety of our religion, our comfort zones…. ourselves.                                                                              –Scott Burke


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