A Spiritual “Matrix” Story

In the movie The Matrix, the main character, Neo, reaches a point in his life where he has his greatest life decision to make (for those who haven’t seen the movie, this analogy will lose a lot of power and significance).  This decision involved taking a blue pill or a red pill.  Taking the blue pill would cause Neo to go back into the Matrix, a busy, normal and comfortable life.  Unfortunately though, this life is really only imagined, projected by machines into the mind of those living in captivity.  On the other hand, the red pill would cause Neo to leave the Matrix and live in true reality with its danger, its unpredictability, and its pain.  On taking the red pill Neo would see “how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

As Christians, we too have a choice how we are going to live our lives.  If the Gospel is only the door through which we come to Christ we are living as if we took the blue pill.  Our lives will be moral, religious and predictable.  We will go to church, pray and live, but only within our understanding, our power, in reality only “a dream world” in terms of living up to our God-given potential.  Living with Gospel intentionality is like taking the red pill.  We, by the grace of God, will live “in the real world” with all its unpredictability, its danger but in true dependence on God and on Him only.  We will be called to do things we “can’t do”, love people we “can’t love”, and live in a way that is impossible without the constant support of God.

I ask you, my fellow Christians, which pill have you taken?  On his way to make his choice, Neo looks longingly back down the road he just came from and attempts to leave.  A woman named “Trinity” reminds him that he has been down that road and that he knows exactly where it ends.  We too have been down the road of living for self, living for comfort, living for God’s approval so many times, knowing in our hearts where it always ends….in sin, in guilt, in self-made prisons.  The Gospel, is the antidote, the pill of changing our minds about whom we really are and who God really is!  Live the “real” Christian life, trusting in God for our lives that are no longer our own.  Living lives of believing God for His love so we can be who He has made us to be.  Living lives of faith which God can use to change the world and glorify Him.

Which life do you want to live?  Take the red pill.

–Scott Burke


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