Preparing for Valentine’s Day – part 1

Hard to believe it, but we are just about a month away from Valentine’s Day. While some of you feel that the day is just another way corporations shame us into spending money, we know we have the opportunity to do better. There is nothing magic about the 14th of February – but neither is there a problem with allowing it to serve our married good.

What if we made it more than a day of flowers and cards, but allowed it to serve and strengthen our vows. What if we gave our spouse the gift of our presence, rather than a bunch of presents? I want to encourage you to invest in your marriage (even if you are not married yet).

Interestingly, a challenge like this will draw out your perception of the goal of marriage. Flooding your mind will be ways to strengthen and invest in your marriage – and the ideas will tell you what you think marriage is first and foremost about. There could be hundreds of possible answers. For example, if you believe God made marriage so that people would feel loved and accepted, you will begin to plan dates and gifts and notes. That is a good goal and one of the reasons that God made marriage. But if God made marriage so that we would see and savor Jesus more than anything else that life can give to us, our plans may change. Now, I think we will still plan dates and write notes and think through gifts – but won’t our goal for those times be different? Falling in love with Jesus while nurturing our love for each other becomes our “win”.

Here’s my challenge: write out your goal for your marriage in a sentence or two.

Pray about it. Do some research. What verses shape your thinking? What Biblical principles? Who could help you gain clarity on this? Wrestle well with this – it will be a blessing to your soul and to your spouse and to others who are part of your life. And one more thing – to all the singles out there, you don’t need to be married to answer this call, do you?

I am praying for you as you take this to heart. In a follow up post, I will offer some resources to help you strengthen your marriage.


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  1. […] Day is now only two and a half weeks away. In my post two weeks ago I challenged you to put on paper in a sentence or two the goal of your marriage. How did you do? […]


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