Screwtape Letters for New England

Imagine if C.S. Lewis had written his famous Screwtape Letters with the battle raging right here in New England?! Well, Matt Wallace is writing an imaginative series in Screwtape-fashion over at the Gospel Alliance blog. This bit of reverse theology will drop you to your knees to beg God for more true gospel renewal throughout New England, to be more wary of the enemy and more passionate for holiness.  Here’s Matt’s first installment…

An Account of Irreligious Affections, Part 1

[This series is written in the satirical style of C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters]

Dearest Legion,

It’s been a long time since we have talked. I believe the last time was when we enjoyed a pint in Stockbridge conspiring against that Edwards chap. Thankfully, things have been under control, but I fear that our enemy is on the move once again in New England. Of course, I realize New England is still in a spiritual winter, but I fear spring is coming.

Sir, the extent of this new work is troubling. People, all manner of people mind you, are once again in the grip of the enemy. Young and old, male and female, rich and poor, country folk and urbanites, immigrants and locals have been visited by the work of the Spirit. Churches are being planted, others are being revitalized, and I have heard reports that many are feeling a deep burden for New England. Most troubling is that many small churches have exploded in attendance over the last decade.

The nature of the movement is equally troubling as some of the busybodies are trying to unify this movement to pray for, encourage and support each other – even across denominational lines. Yes, it’s that bad. It grieves me deeply to see Presbyterians and Pentecostals getting along. Yes, I know that unity in itself poses no threat, but the shaky movement is starting to stabilize on the foundation for true unity, namely the gospel.

Worse than that, my power of accusation is weakening. When I attack these people, they are talking back with the gospel. True assurance means the Spirit is bragging to them about Jesus again. It is so annoying when they understand that their adoption has nothing to do with their obedience. And you remember what that leads to…astonishment! Then astonishment breeds thankfulness which always spawns into worship.

Yes, I confess, I became over confident with my reputation. I think my success made me bored. I’ve even taken up golf. However, I resolve to smite this rebellion before it turns into a season of revival for our enemy. We must take action!

I’m willing to do anything or go to any lengths to protect my reputation and success in New England. So, would you authorize the use of the more ‘severe tools’ at my disposal to squash this rebellion? In addition, I think raising the threat level to code revival would keep my minions motivated. This foolishness needs to come to an end or we will lose the sacred ground to the enemy.

Anxiously Awaiting Your Reply,


Captain of Destruction, NE Division


Read Part 2 Here, Part 3 Here, and Part 4 Here.


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