Walking It Out–Beginnings and Separation

What a great time of gathered worship we had on Sunday!  I was so encouraged by your joyful involvement as we started the StoryFormed Way! In case you missed it or want a digital copy,here is this week’s Walking It Out Week 1.  Remember the point is not only to get information—a whole overview of the Bible—but also transformation—a whole life lived under God’s authority and for his glory! So continue thinking through “Beginnings and Separation” and continue learning to walk in God’s ways.

 Here are some of the big ideas from Sunday on Genesis 1-3:

  • God is Holy and Creator.
  • Humans created in His image—Imago Dei.
  • Humans created to live forever.
  • Humans given volition/choice to trust God or self.
  • Humans rebel and are cast out of garden & God’s presence.
  • Humans were never created to determine/judge good & evil for themselves. This is God’s sole authority.
  • God pursues rebellious humans. He is a missionary God!

This coming Sunday we will be exploring “Sinful Humanity: Two Brothers and The Flood.” One of the best ways to prepare is to READ GOD’s WORD before gathered worship. So take some time to read through..

  • Genesis 4
  • Genesis 6-9

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