Walking it Out–A People of God

How many ways has God blessed you in your life?

And how might God be leading you to use these blessings to bless other?

Those are some of the questions that I’ve been mulling over from this week’s Walking It Out in the Story Formed Way. This past Sunday we explored “A People of God” from Genesis 11-18, 22, 26-50 and Exodus 1. If you missed it, you can listen here.

This coming Sunday, we’re exploring “Exodus and Law”. We’re going to cover some serious ground in Redemptive History—Genesis 37-50, Exodus 1-2, 7-12, 19-20. Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 2 Samuel, 2 Kings and prophecies from 2 Samuel 7; Isaiah 7, 9, 40, 53, 61; Psalm 22; Micah 5; Zechariah 12!!! Of course we don’t expect all of us to read the whole Old Testament by Sunday…so here’s the must read:

  • Exodus 19-20
  • 2 Samuel 7
  • Micah 5

May we find our life and hope in every Word of God!


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