Walking it Out–The Person of Jesus


In week  5 of The StoryFormed Way we explored —“The Person of Jesus: Birth, Baptism, Temptation, & Disciples.”  We looked at Jesus’ birth and life—a humble life, human in every way, tempted in every way. Just like us. But Jesus lived his life without ever sinning or losing trust in his Father, God. Jesus found his very life and identity, in and from his Father. We saw Jesus filled and empowered to do miraculous things by the Holy Spirit. We also learned the names given to Jesus at his birth, Jesus: The Lord is salvation & Immanuel: God with us. These names showed us a lot about why he came to earth and who he is.

If you missed it, you can listen here. Here’s the copy of “Walking It Out Week 5“.


This coming Sunday, we’ll see how Jesus’ life and teachings demonstrate and declare what the world should be like and will be like under his rule—“The Works of Jesus: Miracles, Kingdom, & The Lost Son.”  Though this will cover much of the Gospels, these are the key passages Mark 2-5, Matthew 5-7, and Luke 15:11-32.


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