Walking it Out–The Works of Jesus


In week  6 of The StoryFormed Way we explored —“The Works of Jesus: Miracles, Kingdom, & The Lost Son.” We looked at how Jesus lived his life. Everywhere he went crowds flocked to him and he performed many miracles, healing everyone who came to him. We saw that Jesus has the authority to forgive sin, and has power over the creation, and has authority over the demons, and can raise the dead back to life. We also saw a powerful picture of God as a loving Father who is waiting for his sinful children to come home so he can shower them with forgiveness and blessings.  Here are some things to think about as we walk this out together as Christ’s church…

  • Think about the miracles Jesus performed. Is there anything in your life today that would be beyond his ability to manage or change?
  • Spend some time this week noticing areas of your life where you can relate to the lost son in Jesus’ parable… “I want what I want and I want it now!”
  • Have you ever experienced the love, acceptance and forgiveness of the father in the parable? The father is a picture of how God feels about you!

If you missed it, you can listen here. Here’s the copy of Walking It Out Week 6.


This coming Sunday is Easter! And we’ll be remembering “The Death and Resurrection of Jesus” from Matthew 26–28; Mark 14–16; Luke 22–24; John 13,17–20. Pray that God will cause us to be mesmerized by the forgiveness of the cross and the power of the resurrection! Pray that God will save men and women and children as they hear the gospel clearly.


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