Walking it Out–Life of the Church In the Spirit


In week  9 of The StoryFormed Way we explored —“Life of the Church in the Spirit.”  We looked at Jesus’ disciples in the early church. We saw that they lived a life of prayer, sharing their things, selling things to fund the mission, eating together, preaching, giving to the work, sacrificing, learning from the apostles, studying the Word, celebrating communion, living a life of service together. We also looked at two ways of living and being the church… controlled by our own fleshly desires or led by the Holy Spirit. We looked at two lists that the Apostle Paul taught some of the disciples. It showed the type of life that each of these two ways of living would produce.

Here’s the copy of Walking It Out Week 9. You can listen, here.


This coming Sunday, Dwight Bernier will be preaching from Mark 4:1-20 and sharing about the Initiative 22 Church Plant in Montreal. The following week Steve Niphakis will be preaching during the Mission Conference Sunday. We will conclude The Story Formed way on May 13 with “Life in the End.”


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