The Biggest Threat for the Majority of Us

“Awkwardness is perhaps the biggest threat to evangelism for far too many of us.” Ken Currie

Really? Do you think that’s true? Could it be that simple, that the thing we fear the most is the moment after we speak? The response… how will this person respond and how will I feel when they do?

Currie goes on to assure us, “I’ve done a little research and can confirm to you that there is not one documented case of someone dying, or even being severely injured, by awkwardness. Not one.” You should read the whole post, it’s encouraging and helpful.

I shared a conversation with a friend on Tuesday, and it was about an akward situation. You see, his father was known as the town drunk – and he was no “fun drunk”. His reputation was clear – he was mean, abusive, and downright scary.

So you can imagine it was akward when the pastor showed up to talk with him; so akward that the three deacons with him, wouldn’t enter the house. I mean, who wants to face that kind of abuse? But that pastor went in and shared the gospel with that drunk, still holding his drink in his hand. That pastor also faced a verbal beat-down. And that pastor went home, with no prize to show for it.

But that pastor also went back, many times over a number of months, and shared a simple message of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  In the end, the Spirit brought that abusive drunk to new life through faith in Jesus Christ. And my friend, and his three brothers, and countless others (since each of these men are now fathers and church leaders) are eternally grateful for one man who would rather face the akwardness.

Lord, help us to care more for others and trust more in Your power that flows through the gospel than we do in our comfort.


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