Waiting on Gandalf the Grey

Check that off my list. I recently had the privelege of introducing my kids to the cinematic experience that is The Lord of the Rings (extended editions, of course). It was a bit scary, but they were ready. All that to say, the story provided an unintended thought.

I wish I had a Gandalf in my life. He’s the wise and powerful wizard, larger than life, and always on the side of right.

All of my life I have been waiting for someone like him. I heard stories of godly mentors who walk up to deserving younger men and say something like, “I want to invest in your life.” That has yet to happen in my life, tough I have been priveleged to walk for a season with some great and godly men in my days. But then it struck me – Frodo, the main character in the movie, didn’t get to walk with Gandalf for long either. In fact, while this weak and inexperienced hobbit faced some of the most dire circumstances, Gandalf was no where to be found, and it wasn’t until the end of the story that Frodo found out that the wizard was still alive.

Do you know who Frodo did have? His good friend, Samwise Gamgee. Every step of the way these humble hobbits walked together – not knowing what to do, but helping each other along the way. If you are familiar with the tale, how much would you pay to have a friend like Sam? If you think about it, Frodo was part of a team of nine, each willing to risk life and limb for the other.

I’ve had a few great traveling companions. And I can tell you that they have been worth their weight in gold! Perhaps we would do well to rejoice in the people who have walked with us – not powerful know-it-alls able to show us the ropes, but humble fellow-travelers who have helped us put one foot in front of the other.

Business leaders call it mutual mentoring, the Bible calls it discipleship.

Whatever you call it, I can’t live without it. Neither can you.


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