Heading to Africa

On this Fourth of July would you take some time to pray for Beth Shivley? She is headed to Kenya, by way of Istanbul as part of her summer long ministry training. Here’s an update from Beth:

So on Thursday, as some of you know, my three and a half weeks here in Durham will be over as I head off to Africa by way of Istanbul. It’s heartbreaking to leave Durham and to break off from about half the group; but simultaneously I’m more than ready to go. I’ve dreamed of going to Africa for years and I cannot fathom that this dream is finally coming true in a way that can bring God so much glory.
This summer has been so lifechanging, especially here in Durham. God has been working in my heart so much more than I ever anticipated. God is redeeming so much in my life as well as growing me in my Bible reading, prayerlife, community, relationships, and more. God has continued to knock down idol after idol in my heart, relentless and never ceasing, but continually providing me with the strength, encouragment, and community to lean on him and make it through.
Another thing God has been doing in me is opening my eyes to the way he has made me and the ways he can use me. He has been filling my mind with ideas of what to do with myself while in school and upon graduation. We’ll see how Kenya affects me, but he’s been pulling my heart towards the concept of working as an engineer overseas in lost areas, to live life in a way that can reach others around the world. More prominently, however, God has really been laying highschool girls on my heart. I know highschool really shaped who I am, and I’m seriously and prayerfully considering volunteering with the highschool group here or starting a highschool girls’ small group.
I cannot wait to come back and share with you all the beautiful ways God will break me and build himself in me while we are in Kenya. If you would, please consider praying that our short time there would be an encouragement to the missionaries there, a humbling experience for us, and an opportunity to share Christ’s love “with the least of these”. Thanks so much for all you have been to me over the years, that you all have shown Christ to me in ways that I can now go and share with others around the world. Thank you for being a church that isn’t about the seats filled or money accumulated, but instead about discipling in Christ and sending out that we may do the same. God bless and happy fourth of july!

You can track with Beth’s ministry at her blog: oaksofold.wordpress.com  


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