Spurgeon Sabbatical Update

Dear WBC, thank you for praying for me as I serve at the Spurgeon Sabbatical here at Gordon-Conwell. Thank you for supporting my ministry to these amazing pastors. And…thank you for supporting me to also take time to enrich my soul and continue to grow in my skills as a pastor.

I’m loving our study of the Letter of Jude. Dr. Scott Hafemann is navigating us well through this challenging and often confusing letter. (Have you ever read Jude? You should!) There’s some crazy stuff in there! But in the midst of many swirling questions, I’m seeing how vital the message of Jude is for WBC. So I am looking forward to sharing more when I preach through Jude in August. We’re wrestling with big questions. What does it look like to contend for the faith and to live the life of faith in faithless times? How do know when others pervert or presume upon the gospel of God’s grace?  Do we live the life of faith with urgency and passion? Pray for more Spirit-guided understanding for me, for us!

Once again, I’m blown away by the testimonies of my fellow pastors. At every lunch and supper, one of the pastors shares his story and afterwards we all pray for him. I cannot believe the suffering and trials that some of these men and their families have gone through. And yet they have endured! Apart from God’s rescuing grace they should have just given up on Jesus. What hope that gives me and gives me for you, WBC! Hearing how God sustained them and kept them from stumbling and losing faith in his promises and goodness reminds me that HE will do the same for me and for you.

I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday and celebrating that we are beloved in God and kept for Jesus Christ!


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