We Grow as We Go

David Mathis from Desiring God ministries recently wrote:

Has it ever seemed like your sanctification is plateauing? Ever felt like you were spinning your spiritual tires?

In such times—relax, we’ve all had them—you may run through the typical means-of-grace checklist, whether in your own mind or with a friend’s help. Am I reading the Bible? Praying? Invested in community with fellow Christians? It’s not a bad thing to do (even the pros do it), but maybe we’ve been overlooking something.

The Sanctifying Power of Mission

Have you considered that your spiritual lethargy might be because you’re keeping too much distance from the missional frontlines? Perhaps your sanctification seems stalled because your faith has been quarantined and, evangelistically speaking, you need to get out more.

Not only does our progressing sanctification have its place in advancing gospel mission, but living on evangelistic mission has its place in progressing our sanctification.

You can read the whole article here.

Hmmm, Jesus, Community and Mission.


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