No Longer the Majority: What to Do?

Oh, no! Protestants no longer hold the majority view in these United states according to a recent Pew Study. What are we to do? Don Sweeting has some great questions and then six important considerations in his post 6 Reflections on Protestant Decline in America.

Here’s a snippet:

Protestants have lost their majority status in the United States, and the number of Americans with no religious affiliation is rising. Those are the two big conclusions of a recently released study of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life in America.

For the first time in American history, the United States does not have a Protestant majority. The adult Protestant population reached a new low of 48 percent. That’s down from the 1960s when two in three Americans identified themselves as Protestants. The report records declines in both mainline and evangelical numbers, and that many of these people have joined the ranks of “the Nones,” those who say they have no religion (now one in five Americans).

Take time to read the whole article here.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Brian Gehrlein on October 16, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Even if protestantism virtually disappears and America burns to the ground, may God’s kingdom reign. May his people believe and be changed. Whether we meet in modern buildings or bombed out caves. May God’s glory and the pursuit of Him characterize us rather than the ability to hold a majority in a land that was never our own. We are wanderers. Sojourners. Passing through. May His people be revived and live out what they believe.

    Are we afraid to lose a majority in America because of the power and status we would lose, or because it would somehow hurt the Kingdom? Are we concerned that it is in decline because that means we might actually experience real persecution in this country?

    I am skeptical of studies like this because they have nothing to do with our mission other than the fact that we ought to be prayerful and careful about living out our faith and pursuing the lost. But we knew that already. This will be true always no matter how the stats look. I think therefore that it is irrelevant to fixate on such things, or to think that it somehow should motivate us to change the game to get the majority back.

    God knows the heart of his people. A human chart can never accurately paint a picture of what God’s people look like in this country or anywhere.


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