The Best Book I’ve Read All Year–Gospel Deeps

Gospel Deeps: Reveling in the Excellencies of Jesus is by far the best book I’ve read all year. I recently wrote “An Exulting Review” of it for the Gospel Alliance. Here’s a snippet that I hope will tempt you to read the whole book. (Be sure to read the whole review so you can enter for a chance to win a FREE copy!)

Gospel Deeps is a 200-page “Amen! Yes! Hallelujah!”  I’ve never filled a book’s margins with so many exclamation points! Page after page I found myself singing and soaring and exploring and exulting in the unending, immeasurable depths of the good news of Jesus.

Plus it doesn’t hurt that the book is a blast to read. Jared Wilson is witty and funny and has literary ninja skills. Some authors struggle to combine humor and honor. Not Jared. And I think it’s his playfulness and humility that make his worship and his theology so compelling. There is no doubt that Jared is mesmerized by Jesus and his gospel. Gospel Deeps is a call to worship. It is gospel-centered doxology.

Taking my cue from the subtitle– “Reveling in the Excellencies of Jesus”– let me share some of my revelings. Come exult in the gospel with me!

O the Deep, Deep Gospel of Jesus!

When you think of “going deeper” in your faith what do you think of? Theological debates like Calvinism vs Arminianism? Figuring out the End Times? Endless word studies?  We should all want to go deeper, but deeper into what? Awe, of course. Because theology should fill not only our minds but also our hearts!

“Our look into the depths of the gospel cannot be merely to know more information, as if deciphering some secret code, but instead to seek more and more to be awed by what God has done for us in Christ, what God is doing for us in Christ, and what God will do for us in Christ. Plumbing the depths of the gospel is an exultational pursuit, or it is a pointless one. Come, let us reason together. And worship God.” (p. 22)

Read the rest, here.


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