Why We are Updating Our Bylaws

Just wanted to write a short note to explain again the purpose of the Bylaw changes that have been proposed. There are two major concepts which are creating the need to update the wording of the Bylaws.

The first concept is that of Pastor versus Elder. We have, as a church, realized that both words mean the same thing in the original Greek and as a matter of practice we have worked hard to eliminate the distinction since all Pastors are Elders and all Elders are Pastors. Therefore the first wording change is to eliminate references to Pastors as distinct from Elders.

The second concept is to bring the description of the Deacons in the Bylaws with their role as already described in the Bylaws. In Article II, Section 5 it is clear that the Deacons are to work as directed by the Board of Elders. Yet in other places this language is referring to a Board of Deacons as a separate and independent Board. The wording changes are therefore to eliminate this contradiction by removing references to the “Board of Deacons” and changing simply to “Deacons”. There is no diminishment of their roles and responsibilities, only their references to being a Board (the only exception being the transfer from a “Deacon Board” Chairman to an Elder the role of vice moderator of church family meetings). Again, the purpose of this is to give the Deacons the flexibility to work as individuals or as in various groups under the guidance of the Elders without the formality of meeting regularly as a board.

We welcome your questions or suggestions. Don’t forget, our members will vote on these changes at our December 9th Quarterly Members Meeting at 11am.

Scott Burke


You can download a copy of the bylaw changes here:


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