Help! I’m Depressed

“Being depressed is bad enough in itself, but being a depressed Christian is worse. And being a depressed Christian in a church full of people who don’t understand depression is like a little taste of Hell.” –John Lockley

Do you know the feeling? Chances are if you don’t, you know someone who does. As followers of Christ it is vital to know that “Yes, Christians get depressed too! But there is hope!” Massive, ginormous, absolutely-guaranteed gospel-hope! Hope to fight for faith in the midst of many dark paths that depression takes us down. Though there is no quick fix or cure for depression, I want to highlight a few resources that will give you tools to begin to see how the light of the gospel can break through the darkness of depression. For many of us this fight for faith will be life-long. But the gospel is the power of God for every season of the soul.

David Murray’s book Christians Get Depressed Too is the first book that I recommend to anyone struggling with depression. It is wise, biblical and short!

Also, David Murray’s video “Are you SAD” is a great place to understand and prepare to fight seasonal affective disorder.

Ed Welch’s booklet Depression: The Way Up When You Are Down is another excellent resource. This 20 page booklet is a great place to start if you don’t know where to begin.

Remember! As we walk with each other in and through and out of depression, it’s not about having all the answers or even “fixing” each other. Our goal and our hope is in learning to cling to and trust in Christ. There is no secret formula or set of steps… only a gracious, patient, loving, compassionate and healing Savior.



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