Praying the Lord’s Prayer Together

Praying handsThis reflection on the Lord’s Prayer by Pastor John Piper is a wonderful example on how to pray the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern and model for our prayers. Let’s pray this together, Church!

Father, cause your great and holy name to be honored and reverenced and esteemed and treasured above all things everywhere in the world, including our hearts.

And cause you glorious, sovereign, kingly rule to hold sway without obstruction everywhere in the world, including our hearts.

And cause your all-wise, all-good, all-just, all-holy will to be done all over this world the way the angels do it perfectly and joyfully in heaven—and make it happen in us.

Father, we are not asking for the bounty of riches. We are asking for bread. Just enough to give us life. We want to live. We want to be healthy, and to have a body and a mind that work. Would you give us what we need for our body and mind?

And, Father, We are sinners and need to be forgiven everyday. We can’t live and flourish with guilt. We will die if we have to bear our guilt every day. We have no desire to hold any grudge. We know we don’t deserve forgiveness, and so we have no right to withhold it from anyone. We let go of all the offenses against us. Please, have mercy upon us and forgive us and let us live in the freedom of your love, through Jesus, because of Jesus, your Son, our Savior.

And Father, we don’t want to go on sinning. We are thankful for forgiveness, but, Father, we don’t want to sin. Please, don’t lead us into the entanglements of overpowering temptation. Deliver us from evil.

–“The Lord’s Prayer”, adapted by John Piper from “Our Deepest Prayer: Hallowed Be Your Name.”


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