New England’s Spiritual Landscape

New England is a special place. We all know that, and believe that, I’m sure. But what makes us so unique? The answers are legion, but Ed Stetzer released some statistics that show that spiritually we are unique. You can view those charts on his article “New England: New Research and Analysis on America’s Least Religious Region.”

In a nut shell, Stetzer shows that church attendance in New England shifted noticeably in the last decade. He also has numbers to suggest that we take our discipleship less seriously, while we take our social interconnectedness with our church family more seriously.

Here’s are few questions:

  • What happened in the last decade that affected attendance so? (Do you agree with his suggestion?)
  • Why do New Englanders seem less likely to embrace Jesus as their highest joy or seek to openly share their faith or pray?
  • Is this due to the inclusion of the more liberal strains of Christianity in these surveys?
  • How do the people in your church family trend when compared to these questions?
  • What do we need to do to prepare our people to live as disciples of Jesus in this culture?

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