A Mission’s Opportunity for Elisabeth

The elders wanted to make you aware of a unique opportunity for Elisabeth Sepulvida. We’ll let her describe it in her own words.

Parents of teens or pre-teens should read this to see the challenges that await our kids – even the ones we would think will be fine when they get to college.


Hello Pastor Mark,

How are you? I hope everything is going well in Maine at WBC!
I just wanted to email to share with you about a ministry I will be serving with this summer, to see if you know of anyone who has a heart for this type of ministry who would be interested in either praying for or financially supporting me this summer.

College this year has been tough with challenges to my faith from professors during classes, and I have watched classmates completely leave their faith after one semester. We have first-year religion courses here, but because the college is quite liberal, most classes serve to critique and criticize the Bible rather than support it. During high school I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend a camp called Worldview Academy which focuses on spiritual depth and training in apologetics. This program equipped me with sound knowledge so that I could think critically and clearly when the professors were making claims against the Bible, and helped me to encourage classmates who were doubting. I now feel that every young person should experience this training before college, and in prayer felt that I was supposed to apply to staff Worldview this year. I did and was accepted, and because it is a mission program which travels between states (one week of camp in each state), I need to raise supporters within the next few days to be able to serve with this mission trip.

I am confident that this is God’s plan for me this summer, but have never raised support before.

If you know of anyone who has a heart for this type of ministry with young people and would be willing to pray or financially support me in any amount, I would be so thankful! Posting a facebook status with a link to my support page can be incredibly helpful as well: http://elisabethwva.blogspot.com/

This page explains my heart, the ministry, and my role this summer.
Also, here is a video clip from one of the weeks of camp which gives a good explanation of what happens in a week of camp:


I would appreciate any type of support or passing the word along!

God bless you!


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