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6 Ways To Reach God’s World

Here are 6 ways WBC can reach God’s world…and only 1 of them requires going! Each of these shows a strategic yet practical way all of us can be involved in God’s global mission. Take a look. Which one is God calling to you begin with?

From OMF’s “6 Ways to Reach God’s World.”


Initiative 22 Launch This Sunday

It’s barely been a year since we commissioned and sent out the Berniers to church plant in Montreal. God has been doing amazing things in and through Dwight and Jess and in Montreal. Christ really is building his church! God has built a core team of Jesus’ family who are really learning to live as servants and missionaries to Montreal.

This Sunday, September 26 at 6pm, Initiative 22 will launch their Gathered Worship. Let’s pray together for Jesus’ gospel to joyfully and boldly proclaimed as I22 gathers this Sunday. Let’s thank God together for what HE has done and will do to bring many to Jesus in Montreal!

Acts29 Welcomes the Berniers

Below is a post from Acts 29 welcoming the Berniers into the A29 church planting Network. Lots to thank Jesus for!DwightBernier_Banner

Briefly describe your story of your call to plant a church

After I was saved, I went to a Bible school where I heard about the dire need in Montreal. When I heard that, it soon became apparent that I was headed there. But I did not know in what capacity. It was at that point I started listening to some of Mark Driscoll’s sermons and heard about one talk he gave called “The Ox”. It was through that message that I really sensed God calling me to plant a church in Montreal.

Through my support raising, God made it more clear about how I should be planting churches in Montreal. Missional communities really became the most logical & missiological means to plant in Montreal in order to hold together good community on mission as well as good theology. After raising our support, we got our necessary papers to be able to come to Canada and work in a full-time job which allows us to be here to plant.

What were the biggest challenges you faced in planting your church (and/or currently facing)?

Myself. It seems that I keep bringing my agenda, pride, and ideas to the table. It is so hard sometimes to see that we are the problem.

Churched. People who come with a church background have an idea of what they think the church should be, when in reality, we are moving a different way. It is a calling to challenge worldviews in the church just as much as those outside the church. Continue reading