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Bible Reading Plans for 2012

There are a lot of ways to read the Bible. But one of the best ways is to read it with other people! I want to invite you to join a group that will be reading through the Bible chronologically in 2012. My good friend, Josh Cousineau, has put together a reading group that will help us encourage each other as well as share what God is teaching us through His Word. Check out his blog post and how to join the Facebook group too!

If that reading plan doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you, check out this great list of that Justin Taylor has put together.


God Notices Even When Others Don’t

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do. —Hebrews 6:10

That is one of the most ridiculously awesome promises in all the universe–God REMEMBERS all the little (and big) things we do out of love for his name as we serve one another. We might be tempted to think that others don’t care or notice. They might, they might not. But God always notices!

The author of Hebrews wanted his church family to be confident that their trust in God’s promises and radical obedience wasn’t a waste. So he reminded them how their supreme love for God had overflowed in sacrificial service to each other (Hebrews 10:32-36)…

  • They faced public ridicule and persecution, verbal and physical abuse. They felt the pain of others.
  • They stuck by those who ended up in prison, knowing that could possibly land them there too.
  • They didn’t freak out when their property was confiscated by their enemies. They knew their real treasure was with God, was God.
  • They joyfully loved God and joyfully served each other in the nitty, gritty details of life as they followed Jesus together.

Can you imagine being a part of that church family?! In way we are! We are their brothers and sisters in God’s Family because of Jesus. And as God’s children, all of us are also Servants. It’s in our Gospel DNA. We are Servants of God who serve others as a way of life. We serve because God serves!

WBC, let me encourage you to be confident that your trust in God’s promises and your radical obedience in serving one another is not a waste! God notices. God cares. God will reward. Let me remind you and praise God for how his love for you is overflowing in your love for another!

  • You joyfully open your homes to others and even families, blessing them so they can pay off debt and save for their own home.
  • You take in children for a week from the city—not merely to give them a taste of Maine but of Jesus and his glorious gospel.
  • You prepare meals for those who have been sick or injured or have given birth or just because! (Nothing says “We love you with God’s love” like a pan of lasagna!) Continue reading

Merry Christmas! From Jess and Her Ministry Team

Hello everyone!

This is a Christmas card from me (and the rest of the gang at my school) to you. We made this video at my boss’s studio. Hope you enjoy it!

Love, Jess L.

(Don’t forget to visit Jess’ Blog for regular updates!)

Notes from Haiti

From an older email sent on 10/11/10.

Dear WBC,

What a week of ministry. There are few words to describe what we have witnessed and what God has done in our hearts. We accomplished our mission for the work project! But God had so much more ministry for us in loving the children and being loved by them. We saw and felt and tasted the poverty that has plagued Haiti for years and years. We saw Jesus in the love that Pastor Rigaud has for his people and the children.  Our team is exhausted physically and emotionally but strong in the strength of the Lord. They have been such a wonderful team–ministering to each other so compassionately and regularly. They represented our church and our Christ with joyful, humble service.

Today we fly out of Port Au Prince around 12pm. Most of us will not return home until after midnight.

  • Please pray for safety.
  • Please pray for the Murches as they leave Pierrelyn and Vania.
  • Please pray for the Dunphys as they have also said goodbye to Nahomi.
  • Pray they’d receive divine comfort of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray God would continue to work in our hearts and we would listen to all he still has to teach us.
  • Pray for faith in God’s promises as the team experiences reverse-culture shock coming back home.

We can’t wait to tell your our stories!

Mission Trip to Haiti – Oct. 2010

Dear Family,

WBC loves Pastor Jean Rigaud Antoine and his ministry at Wayom Timoun” Kingdom Of Kids Orphanage in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We love that they are committed to communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ with their words and commending the gospel with their lives. In the past we’ve been able to bless them while they’ve been stateside. Now we have the opportunity to partner with them in a strategic short-term ministry that will, by God’s grace, produce long-term impact.

The elders and mission team of WBC ask that you prayerfully consider being part of an 8 day mission trip from Oct. 4-11 to Haiti. We pray that it may be the first of many.  This trip has three goals:

  1. Work on the upstairs of the orphanage to make more space for working missionaries, visitors, parents and staff, and therefore free up space for the additional orphans since the earthquake.
  2. Assist the orphanage staff in their daily routine, to bless them with some rest, and get to know the children of KKO.
  3. Global experience of witnessing the need for the gospel and gospel justice in a 3rd world country.”

The WBC Haiti Trip will include Go-ers, Send-ers, and Pray-ers. Those who GO must count the cost. How much are you willing to contribute towards our own support? Are you physically capable to handle international travel and potentially 100 degree weather? Are you willing to eat unfamiliar food and communicate through a translator? Will you meet, pray, and prepare with the team in the months leading up to the trip? Will you depend on our Heavenly Father for wisdom and provision?

If you feel God’s calling to join the team, please see David or Anne-Marie Murch.

Please take time to view the short video about Pastor Riguad and his ministry at Wayom Timoun” Kingdom Of Kids Orphanage in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the link below:

Link =

Blessing,David and Anne-Marie Murch

WBC Yard Sale Postponed

Hello WBC,

 Due to the high chance of rain and thunderstorms before noon, we will postpone our annual yard sale until next Saturday, 7/17.  

Here is a summary of answers from the numerous questions throughout the past couple of weeks that I wanted to share with everyone:

1.  Please be ready to sell your stuff by 8:45am (we had numerous people still pricing and setting up tables at 9:30).  The portable is available throughout the week to store and price things ready to sell.

2.  Many buyers will come early, last year at 7:30am the first customers came!

3.  Many people are donating a portion of the yard sale proceeds to the Haitian orphanage from which many of our newest family members have come and there still remains many needs. 

4.  Contact me if you need help moving, selling or donating items from your house to the yard sale because you cannot lift or will not be available to sell on Saturday (My new cell is 210-0446)

Thank you for your overflow of joy in how God has blessed you by blessing others,


Victoria James in Concert

Dear family,

Vicki Norris would like to invite you to join her as she shares her love for music on July 23rd at the Lost Coin Café.  Details are below.

Light Meal and Encouraging Music

Public Event


Victoria James


Friday, July 23, 2010 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Lost Coin Cafe
50 Portland Street
Portland ME 

Get Directions



The Lost Coin Cafe is one of Portland’s great options for Friday evening dining and entertainment pleasure. You will find excellent value in our low-priced menu consisting of homemade soups, salads, appetizers and desserts. We begin serving at 6 PM. We also provide live stage entertainment that is family-friendly. Our very reasonable prices make this an affordable place to visit. Our menus are posted a week in advance.

Age Requirement: 0+