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Raise $25 for a School in Kenya with a Single Tweet

Here’s a note from Beth Shively about a Twitter-based fundraiser for an organization she worked with on City Project. On behalf of the mission team, I highly recommend you read on and learn more about UhuruChild!

Hi All,
The non-profit that I went to Kenya with for 2 1/2 weeks this summer is starting a fundraiser that I would love for you all to consider being a part of.  It is completely free and only requires you to get on the internet and set up a Twitter account if you don’t have one!

The non-profit is UhuruChild, you can check them out at and their campaign at They are a great group that focuses on social development of extreme poverty communities by starting social businesses in which they employ the people of the village.  They also use their involvement in the community to meet their spiritual and emotional needs through the truths of the Gospel.  The profits from the businesses are used to start new businesses and fund schools for the impoverished children. The money from this campaign will go toward fixing up a school that UhuruChild just bought that will be educating impoverished girls in the community.  This way the profits from the businesses can go towards moving into a new village in Kenya!

So here’s what you can do. Get on your twitter and tweet this:
This tweet raised $25 toward building an @UhuruChild school in Kenya.  RT to raise $25. Join the #7fifty Campaign.

Tweet it exactly as it is written and it will raise $25, without costing you a penny!  You can retweet it up to 4 times and raise $25 each time, but keep tweeting it after that to get the word out!  Not only is UhuruChild trying to raise funds, but even more importantly raise awareness.

Thanks so much, and let me know if you have any questions about UhuruChild, the 7fifty campaign, or anything else. Also, if you go to the campaign website they have a documentary free online about the campaign and their mission that we’re trying to get people to see all over the country or even the world.  So spread the news and maybe you could show the documentary in your missional communities or with friends or during lunch break at work; anything to get the word out about how to help save Kenya from the clenches of poverty! Thanks so much!

With much love in Christ,
Beth Shively


6 Ways To Reach God’s World

Here are 6 ways WBC can reach God’s world…and only 1 of them requires going! Each of these shows a strategic yet practical way all of us can be involved in God’s global mission. Take a look. Which one is God calling to you begin with?

From OMF’s “6 Ways to Reach God’s World.”

What is the 10/40 Window?

I hope that the “10/40 Window” becomes a well-known term and well-prayed place for in our WBC family.  Not just during our mission conference but from here on out, until the gospel is proclaimed to the ends of the earth! Here are a few basics to help.

What is the 10/40 Window?

“10/40 is missions shorthand for the most populous and least-reached region of the world. The 10/40 Window is 10° north latitude to 40° north latitude. It contains two-thirds of the world’s people along with the superlatives of despair — worst poverty, shortest lifespan, greatest persecution, least access to the Gospel.”–from Frontline Mission

How Many?!?!

“An estimated 2.79 billion individuals live in approximately 5,876 unreached people groups are in the 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window also contains the largest unreached peoples over one million. In addition, the 10/40 Window contains the overwhelming majority of the world’s least evangelized megacities — that is those with a population of more than one million. The top 50 least evangelized megacities are all in the 10/40 Window! That fact alone underscores the need for prioritizing 10/40 Window Great Commission efforts.”–from The Joshua Project

What Can I Do?

For starters, you can come to the WBC Mission Conference May 5-6! We are going to learn more and pray more and plan more for how God will use us to reach the unreached together.

You can also take some time to explore these great resources…






Mission Trip to Haiti – Oct. 2010

Dear Family,

WBC loves Pastor Jean Rigaud Antoine and his ministry at Wayom Timoun” Kingdom Of Kids Orphanage in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We love that they are committed to communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ with their words and commending the gospel with their lives. In the past we’ve been able to bless them while they’ve been stateside. Now we have the opportunity to partner with them in a strategic short-term ministry that will, by God’s grace, produce long-term impact.

The elders and mission team of WBC ask that you prayerfully consider being part of an 8 day mission trip from Oct. 4-11 to Haiti. We pray that it may be the first of many.  This trip has three goals:

  1. Work on the upstairs of the orphanage to make more space for working missionaries, visitors, parents and staff, and therefore free up space for the additional orphans since the earthquake.
  2. Assist the orphanage staff in their daily routine, to bless them with some rest, and get to know the children of KKO.
  3. Global experience of witnessing the need for the gospel and gospel justice in a 3rd world country.”

The WBC Haiti Trip will include Go-ers, Send-ers, and Pray-ers. Those who GO must count the cost. How much are you willing to contribute towards our own support? Are you physically capable to handle international travel and potentially 100 degree weather? Are you willing to eat unfamiliar food and communicate through a translator? Will you meet, pray, and prepare with the team in the months leading up to the trip? Will you depend on our Heavenly Father for wisdom and provision?

If you feel God’s calling to join the team, please see David or Anne-Marie Murch.

Please take time to view the short video about Pastor Riguad and his ministry at Wayom Timoun” Kingdom Of Kids Orphanage in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince, Haiti at the link below:

Link =

Blessing,David and Anne-Marie Murch

Tears of the Saints

Let our hearts break. Let them break! But let them also rejoice. Let them rejoice that God is waking our hearts to see and live for HIS MISSION!

Update from the Garretts–Kid’s Event Recap

From Corey and Katie’s “Prayer Log.”

We had a great time today at the second youth event of the summer.  These meetings are leading up to the big Wolof youth camp in September (school vacation goes until October in Senegal due to the agricultural seasons).  We met at our colleagues’ (Bonthuys) house here in Kaffrine, mostly on the covered roof.

We started out the day with (quite) a few rounds of ga-ga, which the kids love now.  Then we had a team bible quiz–the kids were split up into four teams, and the team whose representative answered a Bible question correctly first got three chances to throw a frisbee into a bucket, with each successful toss gaining the team one point.

Then on to a Bible study on fasting from Matthew 6 and Isaiah 58.  The month of Ramadan (where Ms worldwide fast for 28 days) is fast approaching and it will be a tough time for many of the youth living in hostile environments.

We then split up and the teams started writing new Wolof praise songs.  We were very excited to see how this would turn out, and it was wonderful!  The kids did a great job of coming up with new music and words.  Some used Scripture, some used their imaginations, but in the end it was all very well done (and, as it turns out, orthodox!).  Each team shared their new song at the end of the day.  I sat down with each team leader afterwards and made sure to get the words typed into the computer.  We have the recordings, so we’re going to start learning and incorporating these new songs into our worship and use them at the youth camp in September.

The Vaughns have a team in at the moment from Washington state and they came over after lunch and did a great puppet show–the story of Noah from the point of view of the animals.

Then it was time to go home and collapse after taking the kids back out to their villages.  Plus make the video above! Hope it’s as much fun to watch as it was to live through!

You were Made for Global Missions

Still wondering how to be involved in the Senegal Mission Trip?

Are you a GO-er, SEND-er, or PRAY-er?

Still wondering what you and global missions have in common?

Then take a listen!