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If we’ve been c…

If we’ve been called to represent the character of God, we need to reevaluate how we think about his anger. Sometimes we can treat God’s anger like the embarrassing uncle in our extended family. It’s as if we’re working hard to keep this attribute of God away from public exposure. Are we secretly worried about causing undue embarrassment to the family of faith? We’re tempted to act as if anger were the dark side of God’s character. – Paul Tripp

How in the world can God’s anger be one of God’s most beautiful characteristics? Check out this post by Paul Tripp.


An Eyewitness to the Colorado Massacre Shares

Here is a helpful post from a woman who was in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater last night, with two of her daughters. It’s a helpful reminder entitled, “So You Still Think God is a Merciful God?!”

You should give it a read.

The Story-formed Way – Wk1

Our week 1 topic is titled, “Beginnings & Separation”.

In order to prepare for our time together this Sunday, prayerfully read through Genesis 1-3.

One thing to consider – as we discuss the story this Sunday, we will face one challenge: We are going to try and answer questions as much as possible from within the Story found in the Bible. Everything we need to learn about God and humans can be found right here in his Story.