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If we’ve been c…

If we’ve been called to represent the character of God, we need to reevaluate how we think about his anger. Sometimes we can treat God’s anger like the embarrassing uncle in our extended family. It’s as if we’re working hard to keep this attribute of God away from public exposure. Are we secretly worried about causing undue embarrassment to the family of faith? We’re tempted to act as if anger were the dark side of God’s character. – Paul Tripp

How in the world can God’s anger be one of God’s most beautiful characteristics? Check out this post by Paul Tripp.


Gospel Justice: Calling for Change

The gospel changes us, deeply transforming us into people who long for righteousness in every square inch of our world. Where we discover injustice we are compelled to act – to learn, to pray, to send others and potentially go ourselves. That is what moves our friends of  The Wrecking to fight against slavery around the world, and that is what moves us, too.

Today I simply want to draw attention to the issue of young girls being married way too early. Last night on MSNBC there was a brief photoblog on child brides, and I want to encourage you to take time to look at the photos and grow in your understanding. I am also calling us to pray that God would raise up people to help bring an end to this type of abuse.

You can read more here: Child marriage continues cycle of abuse, poverty for girls in over 50 countries.

“We Are Dying For Nothing”

I was reading Martin Fletcher’s blog post on Kenya this morining, and there is a perspective in it that we all need.  As those blessed to live in one of the richest nations on earth we enjoy some of the greatest justice on earth, and quite often we don’t even know it. 

WOuld you read what fletcher wrote in his article, “We Are Dying For Nothing”, and pray for Kenya.  The people there bear the image of God as much as we do.  Do we have a responsibility to seek their good?